Aug 10, 2017

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Care Tips For The Gorgeous Cypress

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A Cypress is one of the most popular of all evergreen trees in Texas. If you are interested in growing this tree or using it to make a hedge, we have a few tips for you to keep in mind. These can help streamline the process in a simple way. Care Tips For The Gorgeous Cypress

Care Tips For The Gorgeous Cypress

Planting Them Properly

Cypress trees are very happy to receive heavy sun. They can tolerate partial shade, but need a majority of their branches covered with the sun. They shouldn’t be planted in windy areas, such as near wide Texas plains, as they can be blown over fairly easily. When planting, make sure to plant the cypress a couple of inches higher than the native soil.


The nicest thing about Cypress tree is that it doesn’t need a lot of water to survive. After it rains, it should be good for quite some time without needing water. The only time it needs to be watered very heavily is when there is a drought. Then you should water them every day, but avoid using too much water, as this can rot their roots.

Fertilizing Isn’t Necessary

Another positive aspect of the Cypress is that it doesn’t need regular fertilization to be healthy. While an application once a year wouldn’t hurt, you could potentially never fertilize if it if the soil around it is rich enough in nutrients. This makes them one of the easiest types of evergreen trees to grow in Texas.

Common Pests

That said, they do attract pests, such as termites and bagworms. These must be dealt with regularly to ensure that they don’t negatively impact the health of the Cypress. Being such a hardy tree, it is capable of withstanding fertilization procedures. Applying a dormant oil once a year is sufficient in preventing bagworm damage to your tree.

To learn more about care procedures for this tree species, please contact us today.