Mar 28, 2017

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Why Mulch Is So Important For A Tree’s Health

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Homeowners hear a lot about mulch, but few understand how it helps protect the health of their trees. Here is why you should consider applying mulch around your tree, followed by a simple application procedure any homeowner can perform.

Why Mulch Is So Important For A Tree's Health

Insulates The Soil

As the temperature changes around your tree, the soil and the roots can be heavily affected. This can cause root health problems or even severe damage. A good buffer of mulch will protect it from temperature damage and keep your tree strong and secure in the soil.

Keeps Water Near The Roots

Your trees need a lot of water to promote root health. Without mulch, much of this water will dissipate in the soil and leave them thirsty. Mulch will trap water, hold it tight to the roots, and help promote a quicker growing tree, one that is strong enough to survive droughts and other negative weather conditions.

Stops Weed Growth

Did you know that mulch is one of the best ways to keep weeds away from your tree? It’s true: a nice surrounding layer of mulch will block weeds from growing up near your trees and protect their roots from the nutrient-sapping of weeds.

How To Add Mulch To Your Trees

If you want to add mulch around the base of your tree, you need to remove the grass in a 3-10 foot circle around your tree. Now you need to spread mulch within that circle to a depth of about 2-4 inches. Keep it from touching the bark of the tree for maximizing effectiveness.

To learn more about mulch and the health of your trees, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.