Trees are a lifetime investment. They’ll grow with your family, they’ll become part of your house, and they will be part of the property for decades. So finding the right variety is important, both in terms of a tree that looks the way you want it to and that can adapt well to North Texas weather. If you’re not sure what type of tree you’re looking for but you want a hardy tree that can grow strong no matter is thrown at it, here are some of the top choices for a North Texas home:

2 Trees That Stand Up Well to North Texas Weather

  • Cedar elm varieties: Trees can use up a lot of water if you pick a northern species, and that can wreak havoc on your watering bill once the roots start to pull moisture away from your grass and hedges. But choosing a drought-tolerant species like cedar elm is a great solution because it can handle both extensive water shortage and torrential rain. More than that, it can stand up to hail and high winds without extensive damage. The only downside is their susceptibility to mistletoe infestations, which can be easily stopped by an occasional inspection.
  • Oak trees: Oaks, especially bur oaks, are well suited to Texas climates and they even benefit the homes they’re near. While you don’t want to plant these trees close to your home because they need a lot of room to grow and spread out, they provide a lot of shade as they age and can keep your house cooler in the middle of the summer. Many oak varieties are native to Texas, so they are equipped for strong sunlight, droughts, and extreme weather, and they also aren’t as susceptible to local diseases or parasites.

No matter what you’re looking for in a tree, local, hardy varieties are the best choice because they’re built for North Texas conditions. Go to Chambersville Tree Farm to look through our available trees and find the right ones for your home.